9934 Building Project

The Cry

We are at our best when we are being “moved” by the same things that “move” God. God was moved by the cries of Israel and Moses was sent to Egypt to answer that cry. Our ability to fulfill our purpose is directly connected to our ability to hear the cry of our culture today.

The Calling

That God would place His urgency within a man or woman to drive them to lost and hurting humanity…this is the “Call” of God. Overcoming the natural fears that arise from such a call is our focus today in this message.

The Crossing

God leads us through many different seasons. Sometime we are called to wait and pray. Other times we’re called to retreat and heal. But then there are times when God calls us to advance and move forward in faith. In this message, we will consider those times when God calls us to advance.

The Children’s Question

Jesus has set us free! Because he came, suffered, died, and rose again, we are no longer slaves. His sacrifice made us children of God. What does all this mean? This week centered on the answers to questions believers may have about what it means to be a child of God and how we accept this identity.

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