International Missions

Marwan Beem—The Great Commission Church

Prayer request for this ministry in 2021- Pray that God will use anoint Pastor Marwan to preach the Word of God in a more powerful and impactful way this year. Believe God for a move of His Spirit through out the regions that the four churches minister in.

The Lord has used pastor Marwan and his wife Rania in establishing many churches. In addition to the church in Shefar-Am, he has established four churches in different places: the West Bank, Beqeen, Ma’lia, Beana and the Lord used him to reopen the ministry in Fasota. He is also Pastoring a church in KefarYassif.

The church has a missionary work. Many ministries have been established through this Church in places where there was no evangelical work. One of these ministries is the Church of Baana, which was established in 1994 through Pastor Marwan and his wife.
A work has also been established in the West Bank among Muslims. There are still villages and cities around the city of Shefaram that have not yet been preached the word of God and some of them are Muslim villages.

Abel Pena—-World Gospel Outreach

Fun fact about Abel- Abel has been to over 80 countries and has been to the Himalayas in Nepal.

Prayerrequest for this ministryin2021- Pray for World Gospel Outreach to adapt to the change of the pandemic and that we continue to reach people in creative ways in both Honduras and Belize. Pray that the Lord protect both my wife and I during this pandemic and that we remain healthy as we travel out of Central America.
WGO is devoted to fulfilling our mission of Impacting the faith of Christfollowers through serving and evangelizing children and the poor. Through God’s faithful provision,WGO stewards this mission through several major components.

First, Rancho Ebenezer and School is our Children’s Ministry providing care for at-risk children24x7x20 since each resident of the ranch is cared for 24 hours each day, seven days each week, forup to 20 years.


Second, we Partner with local churches to reach theircommunity. WGO trains volunteers, contracts local medical professionals, and hosts North Americanvolunteers to serve and evangelize an average of 600+ individuals weekly.

Charles Pollak—Sharing Ministries

Prayer request for this ministry in 2021- Pray that God would make a way for Chuck to be able to travel freely this year. Ask God for a greater anointing upon Chuck and Sharing Ministries so that more people are impacted and get to see the love of Jesus in a tangible way.

Sharing International gathers teams of broadcast professionals from the U.S. and U.K. to equip people in “message-less” countries for all aspects of Christian broadcasting. Sharing Media Teams come alongside nationals to help them establish their own Christian stations, networking them with other media groups for assistance. Teams are comprised of broadcast professionals, students and lay people drawn together with the common desire of serving the vision of Christian radio and television for societies yet unreached.

Global Impact


Sharing Media Teams have conducted multiple seminars in Poland, Belize, Guatemala, Spain, Romania, Australia, Zambia, Nigeria and England. Through this work, God has raised up dozens of viable, locally run Christian stations around the world.

Jeff Collins—Jeff Collins Ministry

Fun fact about Jeff- I travel the world and never set an alarm clock. I live out of the scripture, “morning by morning You awaken me that I may have the tongue of the learned.”  Isaiah 50:4

Jeff and Milicent Collinsresigned the pastorate to obey the call of God to, “like Abraham and Sarah, go out, not knowing where.” God has been faithful to lead them throughout the nations. Having been in over forty countries, their predominant focus is Europe, the Middle East, parts of Asia, Africa, North and South America, as well as the islands of the seas.

Jeff Collins Ministry is an itinerant ministry that has been commissioned and sent into the world to preach the good news. Jeff’s heart is to preach, teach, equip, empower, and release the body of Christ to live in a personal revival and to receive the abundant life that Jesus provided for us at the cross.

James and Shannon Doherty—Dignata-Business for Orphans

Prayerrequest for this ministry in 2021-Please pray that the Doherty’s will receive continued favor with both God and man. Ask God to open all the doors that have been closed by Covid 19, so that James and Shannon will be able to minister in Europe in 2021. Also pray for continued healing for Shannon.

James and Shannon worked with trafficked women and orphans as missionaries in Amsterdam, Netherlands; Riga, Latvia; and Pune, India. Their family focus has shifted to pouring into the kids in their community through their private Christian school that they started in Thompson Falls, Montanain the fall of 2019. This school has come out of a vision to see our nation turn it’s heart back to God. While in prayer James felt the Lord say, “Give me 10 years and the hearts of these kids and this whole nation will return to Me.


” The Dohertys believe this wholeheartedly and are doing their best to see this vision take place. The ministry of John the Baptist was to preach repentance and to turn the hearts of the fathers back to their children before the coming of the great and glorious day of the Lord. That was the first time that Jesus came to earth. Maybe for a second time before His return He is instructing us all with the same mandate. Come Lord Jesus.

Yousef Dakwar—New Covenant Church

Fun fact about Yousef- I have pastored since 19 years old. At times in my ministry, I feel tired from being with people, so I take a few days break and I travel alone, to isolatefrom people. But after 2 days, I start to feel lonely without them. So I start to call and check on them. It seems like I am a person who is not able to live without people no matter what I feel.
We are a body of Arab believers from Haifa, Israel.  We want to model a people transformed by Christ, reconciled to God and our brothers. Sons of Isaac and Ishmael, as One New Man in Christ. And to show God’s compassion to the broken hearted, hopeless and hurting people. We proclaim God’s Glory back to Israel.

We are here in Israel, serving God in the midst of all the challenges and the hostile culture against the Gospel in the middle east. But Praise God for using us to be a light for the nations and bringing Jesus to be known to many people in our region.

Our ministry works in two main fields: 1- The New Covenant Church

2- Cross Media Productions (Media Outreach)

Jack Park—Pure River

Because of the sensitive nature of where this ministry takes place, we have chosen to omit a picture of Jack and his wife.

This is an evangelistic ministry to the Middle-East and Asia. This ministry is promoting the gospel of Jesus Christ in and around Israel, strengthening established ministries and developing new work in areas that are often of a life-threatening and sensitive nature.

Fun fact about Jack- He is currently a “Young” 72 years old and has been in ministry now for 51 years!

Prayerrequest for this ministry in 2021-One of the main things we are working on right now, is to help George Kawanehwith Hand of Love in Palestine/Israel to purchase a new car. Our request for 2021 ~ That you join us in prayer for the Lord to provide this need and that your church seek Him about any help The Crossing may be able to provide toward this purchase.

This is an evangelistic ministry to the Middle-East and Asia. This ministry is promoting the gospel of Jesus Christ in and around Israel, strengthening established ministries and developing new work in areas that are often of a life-threatening and sensitive nature.

John and Trinna Nichols—The Crossing Church

Fun fact about John-We did foster care for an adult with disabilities for two years.
Prayerrequest for this ministry in 2021-Please pray for us to reach our family goal of 150 souls won for Jesus in 2021. We also would appreciate prayers for our Visa approval and financial goals met to be able to begin ministry in Rome.

God has called the Nichols family to take the gospel to Rome. They will be serving at an Italian church, and with a group of missionaries who primarily work to make disciples of Muslim refugees. As the Nichols family prepares to move to Italy in 2022, they are sharing the gospel and seeking to make disciples locally.

Danny and Annie Clark—The Assemblies of God

Fun fact about Yousef- Danny loves 1950s rock n roll and Annie would love to play violin in a symphony.
Danny was a history major at Sam Houston State University and has fallen in love with this part of the world through his studies.  The love of history and established cultures has taken Danny as far as Almaty, Kazakhstan to now the richly historical city of Istanbul. Annie was a music education major at Sam Houston State University and taught 5th & 6th grade orchestra for two years.
Her love for teaching and music coupled with Danny’s love for history helped opened doors for them in Istanbul, Turkey where they spent the first two years of their missions calling.  Now, God has taken Danny and Annie to Ankara, the capital city of Turkey where over 6 million people live and only 5 full gospel works exist! What a harvest field!

David Flanders—Souls Harbour

Fun fact about David-
1) I am an accomplished watercolor artist.

2) I have a large collection of hats.

3) I put on a puppet show every Friday

4) I have been arrested for preaching the gospel

5) I smuggled a recording studio into Malta piece by piece.

Soul’s Harbour was founded in 1987 by Pastor David Flanders and his wife Joy. Beginning as a small group in the Flanders’ home they quickly grew, moving to the St.JohnAmbulance Hall.In1999 Soul’s Harbour moved into the present building. The Lord began to give us great vision for reaching the community and surrounding region. Souls Harbour members came together to create a youth café and extensive facilities to reach youth and children in Camelford and the surrounding villages! In 2001 Soul’s Harbour purchased the building and began renovations and saw God dramatically provided financial help and material donations to assist in reaching this area!In 2018, the GROW CENTREwas born through the vision of Trevor and Connie Smith. 

As a resource center located in a main street shop, people in need get practical help and with food and clothing. At Soul’s Harbour, we are committed to creating a “Climate for Change”: changed lives, changed communities and a changed world.

George and SuadKawaneh—Hand of Love

Fun fact about George- Coffee is the most popular drink in the Arab Community. Every time we visit people, they offer a cup, but since I don’t like this drink, I try not to offend them. I pass the cup to Suad withoutletting them notice what I am doing.
Prayerrequest for this ministryin2021-Our prayer is to replace our high milage car. Covid 19 has everything locked down including military checkpoints. To get between Israel and the West Bank now takes 6 hours or more through unpaved back roads.

Hand of Love is a charity based in Nazareth, Israel. It is an outreach ministry doing a compassionate work, truly helping widows and orphans and showing love of God in practical ways. It is a self-run organization working predominantly in much marginalized areas in Judea and Samaria. The focus of the ministry is to provide education and healthcare to vulnerable families through various means, encouragement and material help, e.g. food parcels, clothes and medicines.

Our Vision:  Is to see lives changed and communities transformed by meeting the needs of people through education, awareness program and humanitarian aid.

Our Mission: To provide HOPE with love, by encouraging the people to care for each other. To bring to the villages comfort and necessary supplies for life.

David and Maria Skinner—Network Bible Translators

Fun fact about David- While sitting in my car in Jonacatepec, Mexico I noticed a policeman approaching on foot. He was looking right at me.  I began my mental checklist to make sure I was legal; parked correctly, had immigration papers, etcetera. He then came to the window and said, “I just want you to know that I visited your house when I was eight, and I still have the toy car Maria gave to me.
Prayerrequest for this ministry in 2021- For someone to pick up the mantle.

David and Maria have fifty-one years of experience in the field. They have raised two kids while working through thirty-three countries, and even had three grandchildren visit while deep in the amazon jungle.

They haven’t stopped and don’t plan to.  Maria has focused on child evangelism and David on open air, field evangelism, new convert discipleship and seminary teaching (Peruvian Bible Institute, Iquitos, Peru)

Scripture emphasis on birth, death, burial, resurrection, ascension, return and eternal judgement. Dave and Maria’s 2020 and 2021 emphasis was Amazon tribal groups; Ticuna, Chapra, and Wampis providing the spoken New Testament on solar powered MP3 players. Other areas of ministry are focused in, Guatemala, Honduras, and Mexico.

Justin and Kynada Boland—One Mission

Fun fact about Justin- We live in the place where the Bible happened. One time we made a life-size replica of Goliath and went to the Valley of Elah so the kids could throw stones and shoot arrows at him.
Pray these verses over each of the Bolandsin2021-I Colossians 1:9-12For this reason, since the day we heard about you, we have not stopped praying for you. We continually ask God to fill you with the knowledge of his will through all the wisdom and understanding that the Spirit gives, so that you may live a life worthy of.

Since January 2016, Justin and Kynada Boland have been leading the work of One Mission in Israel partnering with The Jewish Agency for Israel in Jerusalem. The Jewish Agency is tasked by the government of Israel, to help any Jew from around the world make their home in Israel–whether they are fulfilling a dream or escaping a nightmare.

As a family, God called them with the story of Nehemiah, “to fight and to build the wall of Jerusalem”. They continue to become more rooted in this calling as they: connect Christians and Jews to work together, serve on the ministry team of a local congregation, build friendships with classmates, coworkers, and neighbors, train Israelis in disaster preparedness, support poor families in need, and pray for God’s love to be poured out.