International Partners

James & Shannon Doherty

Dignata Ranch (Europe & United States of America)

James & Shannon Doherty

James and Shannon have been in ministry for many years. Shannon grew up on the mission fields of Mexico and Guatemala with her parents, David and Maria Skinner, who are also supported missionaries of The Crossing Church.

James and Shannon’s work in the past decade has involved helping women find Jesus and freedom from trafficking. They provide safe places to live while training and equipping women to have self-sustaining jobs through creating jewelry, called Dignata Designs. James and Shannon also collaborate with other support organizations to help women with aftercare, often necessary due to the trauma of their lives. This work takes place in several cities in Europe, India, and Houston, Texas. An outflow of the Dignata ministry work was the establishment of Dignata Ranch, a multi-acre ranch in Montana, USA where they train men and women as advocates to go to dark places and help women find freedom from trafficking.

In 2022, Shannon and James went to Romania and Poland to join several local ministries like YWAM in providing food, lodging, and the love of Jesus to refugees pouring out of Ukraine. God is moving to raise a Missionary Training Center at Dignata Ranch in 2023 through a relationship with YWAM.

Prayer Request: Pray that the Dohertys will receive continued favor with both God and man. Ask God to continue to open up opportunities for James and Shannon to minister in Romania and Poland to the Ukrainian refugees. Also, pray for God to continue growing the Missionary Training Center in Montana.

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Jeff & Milicent Collins

Jeff Collins Ministry (Cyprus, Europe, & The Near East)

Jeff & Milicent Collins

Jeff and Milicent Collins resigned from the pastorate to obey the call of God to go out like Abraham and Sarah, not knowing where. God has been faithful to lead them throughout the nations. Their predominant focus is Europe, and they have ministered to forty countries across Africa, parts of Asia, the Middle East, North America, South America, and islands of the seas.

Jeff Collins Ministry is an itinerant ministry that has been commissioned and sent into the world to preach the good news. Jeff’s heart is to preach, teach, equip, empower, and release the body of Christ to live in a personal revival and to receive the abundant life that Jesus provided on the cross.

Fun Fact: Jeff travels the world and never sets an alarm clock. He lives out Isaiah 50:4, “Morning by morning, You awaken me that I may have the tongue of the learned.”

Prayer Request: Pray that God will anoint Jeff in this season of ministry and give him strength and wisdom on where and when he should go. Ask God to bless the ministry, multiply their missionary work, and pour out His Spirit through Jeff and all he puts his hands to.

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David & Maria Skinner

Network Bible Translators (The Amazon Basin & Mexico)

David & Maria Skinner

David and Maria have 51 years of experience in the ministry field. They raised two children while working in 33 countries. Three of their grandchildren visited them while they were deep in the Amazon jungle. Maria has focused on child evangelism, and David on open-air field evangelism, new convert discipleship, and seminary teaching through Peruvian Bible Institute in Iquitos, Peru.

In 2020 and 2021, Dave and Maria’s focused on ministering to the Amazon tribal groups (Ticuna, Chapra, and Wampis), providing the spoken New Testament on solar-powered MP3 players. Other areas of their ministry include Guatemala, Honduras, and Mexico.


Fun Fact: While sitting in his car in Jonacatepec, Mexico, David noticed a policeman looking right at him. As the policeman approached him, David began his mental checklist to make sure he was not in trouble; parked correctly, had immigration papers, etc. The policeman came to the window and said, “I just want you to know that I visited your house when I was eight. I still have the toy car Maria gave to me.”


Prayer Request: Pray that David and Maria would have wisdom, strength, and anointing for this season of ministry. Pray for new ideas to reach the lost in Mexico, Central America, and South America. Ask God to raise up a couple to pick up the mantle of God’s ministry at Network Bible Translators. 


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Jack & Linda Park

Pure River Network (North America & Spain)

Jack & Linda Park

Jack and Linda have spent many years living in and traveling to many countries to develop ministry partnerships with native peoples. They disciple these men and women to be able to serve their own people groups.

Pure River Network, led by Jack and Linda, serves as supporters, advocates, and counselors for ministry in Spain, North Africa, and many other countries. The gospel continues to go forth, but there are many difficult areas within these countries that can make ministering there a sensitive, life-threatening endeavor.


Fun Fact: Jack is currently a “young” man in his 70’s and has been in ministry for over 50 years!


Prayer Request: Pray for provision and protection for their native partners. The Muslim world continues to be plagued with violence and terror, making evangelism and discipleship dangerous endeavors. Pray that God would minister strength, wisdom, and anointing for this season of ministry, using Jack and Linda mightily. Ask God to provide all the funding necessary for the many missions planted worldwide through Pure River.


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Charles & Cathy Pollak

Sharing International (Africa, Central America, & Europe)

Charles & Cathy Pollak

Sharing International gathers teams of broadcast professionals from the U.S. and U.K. to equip people in countries that have not received the gospel with all aspects of Christian broadcasting. Sharing Media Teams come alongside nations to help them establish their Christian stations, networking them with other media groups for assistance. Teams are comprised of broadcast professionals, students, and laypeople who are drawn together with the common desire to serve the vision of Christian radio and television for societies yet unreached.

Sharing Media Teams have conducted multiple seminars in Australia, Belize, England, Guatemala, Nigeria, Poland, Romania, Spain, and Zambia. Through their ministry, God has raised many viable, locally run Christian stations around the world.

Prayer Request: Pray for Charles’s safety as he travels. Ask God for a greater anointing upon Charles and Sharing Ministries so more people are impacted and tangibly see the love of Jesus. Ask God to continue to provide for and bless this ministry.

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David & Joy Flanders

Souls Harbour Church (England)

David & Joy Flanders

David and Joy have been serving the Lord in full-time ministry for over 40 years. David’s ministry as an evangelist and Bible teacher has taken him to many countries from Finland to Peru, and he has traveled over a million miles for the Lord. David’s ministry has produced many new leaders who serve God in England and overseas. 

In 1987, David and Joy planted Souls Harbour Church in their hometown of Camelford, Cornwall – a very poor, rural community in the United Kingdom. Located at the center of town, it has become a church for the whole community and surrounding area, bringing the gospel to all ages. Souls Harbor operates the Grow Centre, an outreach ministry of the church. It is located in a storefront, and reaches out to the needy and marginalized of the area, with a special emphasis on those struggling with addictions.

A past prayer request of Souls Harbour Church was for a breakthrough for the gospel in Camelford, and they have seen that prayer answered! The church is now full every Sunday, and new people are coming every week. In a nation with only about 3% born-again believers, Souls Harbour Church is a lighthouse showing the way.

Fun Fact: David received a letter from the King of Norway on the King’s 100th visit, thanking David for his input into the youth of Norway.

Prayer Request: Pray for wisdom on how to accommodate growth in Souls Harbour Church. Pray that God would direct David & Joy’s future ministry plans.

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Danny & Annie Clark

The Assemblies of God Missions (Turkey)

Danny & Annie Clark

Danny majored in history at Sam Houston State University and fell in love with this part of the world through his studies. His love of history and established cultures took Danny as far as Almaty, Kazakhstan to the richly historical city of Istanbul. Annie graduated with a music education major at Sam Houston State University and taught 5th & 6th-grade orchestra for two years. Her love for teaching and music, coupled with Danny’s love for history, opened doors for them in Istanbul, Turkey where they spent the first two years of their ministry. God has now taken Danny and Annie to Ankara, the capital city of Turkey, where over 6 million people live, and only 5 full gospel works exist. What a harvest field!

Fun Fact: Danny loves 1950s rock-n-roll, and Annie would love to play violin in a symphony.

Prayer Request: Pray that God increases the Clark’s ministry’s impact by enlarging their territory and anointing them for the work He has called them to. Pray that He would protect them and provide all that they need for ministry.

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John & Trinna Nichols

The Crossing Church (Italy)

John & Trinna Nichols

Shortly after God called John and Trinna to Rome, they learned that only 1% of the Italian population called themselves born-again Christians. After being sent to Rome in July 2022, they saw first-hand the need for the gospel. The Nichols joined with the International Christian Church Rome (ICCR), a church that is also passionate about seeing the lost saved. The Nichols minister in Rome through giving food, prayer, and evangelism to the needy. They also give away Bibles at colleges, hand out tracts in the city, pray for people, and share the love of Christ one-on-one. The gospel is getting sung and preached on the street—and people are responding!

Fun Fact: John and Trinna fostered an adult with disabilities for two years.

Prayer Request: Please pray for Rome’s youth and young adults. As part of their evangelism plans, they hope to reach out to more young people internationally and train people to be disciples who make disciples. Please continue to pray for the Nichols’ protection and that they will not shrink back as they face Rome’s strongholds of division, doubt, unbelief, false religion, and spirituality.

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Benj & Brie Gilen

Waverley Abbey (England)

Benj & Brie Gilen

Benj and Brie serve with a pioneering team to reestablish Waverley Abbey as a place of ongoing prayer, practical training, and spiritual renewal. In the same way Waverley Abbey was repurposed as a hospital in World War 2, it is now being used as a “spiritual hospital” helping to heal and restore leaders to the front lines of ministry across England and Europe. Together with their on-site prayer community, the Gilens serve all kinds of church leaders, cross-cultural workers, and marketplace influencers through on-site prayer ministry, guided retreats, and spiritual direction. 

Benj and Brie’s main passion is coming alongside emerging, young leaders. They are collaborating with a group of seasoned leaders to develop training that helps equip resilient gospel champions to live and lead courageously within a “permacrisis” culture. In 2025, the Gilens hope to launch their first training program for a select group of emerging leaders.

Prayer Request: Pray that God would protect, encourage, provide wisdom, and give the Gillens favor and blessing as they minister. Pray that God would protect their children’s hearts and minds and raise them to follow in their parent’s footsteps. Ask God to provide for the Gillens’ every need as they serve Him in England.

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Abel & Lora Peña

World Gospel Outreach (Belize & Honduras)

Abel & Lora Peña

Abel serves as President and CEO of World Gospel Outreach (WGO), a ministry focused on impacting children and the poor in Belize and Honduras. Their vision is to impact the faith of Christ-followers through serving and evangelizing children and the poor.

WGO provides many outreach ministries in Belize and Honduras. Their 80-acre Honduran compound, Rancho Ebenezer, assists abandoned, orphaned, and displaced children up to 18 years of age. They not only share Jesus with these kids, but they raise, teach, and train them to be active, productive members of society. Some of these children have gone on to pursue Christian ministry, secular business, and other careers. WGO provides food throughout Belize and Honduras to areas where people struggle to provide for themselves. They assist families through a mentorship program to help them by modeling godly parental skills. WGO also provides medical assistance in these countries through yearly trips from American medical professional volunteers.

Fun Fact: Abel has visited over 80 countries and has been to the Himalayas in Nepal.

Prayer Request: Pray for wisdom as Abel leads and casts vision for the ministries of World Gospel Outreach. Pray that the Lord protects the Penas as they travel through Central America. Also, pray for abundant provision as they strive to meet the needs of many hungry, impoverished people.

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