37 Days of Prayer

Each year we, the Crossing Church family, invest our first 37 days in prayer and fasting. It is our tithe (10%). It is our first and best given to God in order to receive instruction and power for the coming days.


“As we begin 2023, I since the Spirit of Jesus calling us to wait before God until we receive power from heaven. We are going to be infused with greater faith, courage, and confidence with which to impact people in the coming year. We are going to receive power and special abilities to see the impossible become possible.
The church was born in an upper room in the book of Acts. It was empowered to accomplish the will of God for the hour in which it was birthed. Throughout history, God has poured out His spirit upon His church to empower it to address the spiritual needs of the world as that time. In the 1500’s, the Spirit was poured out to bring about the Reformation. In the 1700’s, there were powerful, culture-altering outpourings of God’s Spirit known as the Great Awakenings. In the early 20th century, the Charismatic/Pentecostal outpourings restored the gifts of the Spirit to the church and altered the trajectory of the church for the next hundred years.
However, we are now 23 years into the 21st century… And no large-scale awakening has fallen upon the church to empower us for our day. But it’s coming! Jesus told His disciples to go and wait in the upper room in Jerusalem until they were endued with power. There, they would receive the promised power from the Father. 37 Days is our Upper Room!
“UNSTOPPABLE” is the word God has spoken over us for this season of prayer. God is unstoppable! The Word of God is unstoppable! The gospel is unstoppable! The church is unstoppable! And the awakening for the 21st century —our awakening— is unstoppable.
Please prepare your heart and mind to seek God during this time. As well, prepare your schedule and plan times of prayer and fasting to maximize the opportunity for personal awakening. I look forward to seeing you in the “upper room” of 37 Days as we await the outpouring of God’s spirit upon us for 2023.”
– Pastor Randy Harvey

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